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Ritsuko Miyake, Karin Ito, and Yokogao

This issue introduces three artists; Ritsuko Miyake, Karin Ito, and Yokogao (an art collaboration by an illustrator and auteur), who passed the initial screening of “The 2nd Tokyo Art Navigation Competition.”

“Time Creature,” 2010
“Time Creature,” 2010

A comment from Ritsuko Miyake

The theme of my work is a fusion of time (abstract) and creatures (concrete). Using a 0.25mm pen, I drew from scratch and following the direction my hand wanted to go, without working against the motion. Since pointillism is my destiny, I will continue working on it my entire life. However, I am reluctant to complete “time,” which should be infinite, only on one plane surface. I have a vision to connect it with three-dimensions, video images and other expressions to produce one coherent work. In order to realize this, I will have to acquire more expressive skills and techniques.

■“Artist Files” Ritsuko Miyake only)

“Dreams and Hopes for the Future of Our Children,” 2012
“Dreams and Hopes for the Future of Our Children,” 2012

A comment from Karin Ito

Japan is the only country in the world in which an atomic bomb was dropped, and the country still suffers from earthquake and nuclear power plant disasters. In such a time, through conducting expressive activity, I convey my feelings through art. In the last picture I put my hope that adults would support the children who would bear our future, thinking that each one of us should seriously face reality and consider that it will lead to opening the next era. I hope to spread my Sand Art performance whilst creating opportunities for as many people as possible to see it.

■“Artist Files” Karin Ito only)

“USAGi,” 2012
“USAGi,” 2012

A comment from Yokogao

The submitted work, “USAGi” consists of the quiet gaze of strange creatures and the air of the story. The story never begins, but it also never ends either. It is a work from which the living creatures simply and quietly look at this side. In this work, we created visual work of almost everything that came to mind, moving our hands first without sticking to particular techniques and without considering too deeply from the frame of recording to live-action. Using the method in which we filmed this way and connected it with other cuts, we gradually found a story line for the work. In the future, we plan to exhibit work with different characteristics to our individual activities with no limitation on the video images but rather expand to the plane surfaces.

■“Artist Files” Yokogao (Japanese only)

Artist Pick Up

A monthly column, in which Teiya Iwabuchi, a member of the jury for the Tokyo Art Navigation Competition and Editor-in-Chief of the specialized art magazine BIJUTSUTECHO, selects young artists or emerging artists registered in the “Artist Files” of the Tokyo Art Navigation website and reviews their works.