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Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum
Illustration, Text / Itaru Mizoguchi
This is a strange-looking building near Ryōgoku Station. There are various models that demonstrate the old city and the way of life there. The museum’s theme is Edo and Tokyo.

※The content illustrated is current at the time of publication.(2014)

Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum

It opened in 1993 as a place where visitors can peek back into the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo and think about the future city and life. The permanent exhibitions introduce 400 years of the history of Edo-Tokyo. The museum also holds five to six special exhibitions a year, as well as lectures and workshops.
Address: Yokozuna 1-4-1, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Itaru Mizoguchi

Born in Osaka, in 1962. After graduating from Kansai University Engineering Department, he studied at Setsu Mode Seminar and then spent some time traveling abroad before becoming an illustrator. He is good at creating illustrated reports by investigating varieties of things himself, from travel, local culture and food to architecture. In recent years, he’s been working on intellectual picture-books dealing with science and ancient history.

Itaru Mizoguchi