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What is Tokyo Art Navigation?

Tokyo Art Navigation is a website that was established with the aim of bringing art closer to the citizens of Tokyo by introducing the current culture and art scene in Tokyo. There are many exhibitions and concerts being held in the art museums and music halls of Tokyo. The Tokyo Art Navigation site introduces information on these activities in real time.

In addition, in an effort to support the activities of artists, the site also provides information as to activity spaces, available grants-in-aid, as well as contests. It is expected that the site will be fully utilized as a venue from which artists engaged in creative activities will be able to distribute their work and activity information.

Moreover, the site provides a "Digital Museum" where valuable works and resources owned by the EDO-TOKYO-MUSEUM, the EDO-TOKYO OPEN AIR ARCHITECTUAL MUSEUM, the Tokyo Photographic Art Musuem and the MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO are introduced. The site intends to provide opportunities for people in Tokyo to gain a deeper understanding of extensive works, resources and common assets through this Digital Museum.

The main contents of this site can be browsed in English, Chinese, or Korean here.

  • KYUN-CHOME’s Art Date: Column series in which KYUN-CHOME visits art exhibitions with guest artists.
  • Event Report: Column series introducing hot art events held in Tokyo and reports on them.
  • Edo Art Navi: Column series, which introduces Edo paintings under the supervision of Yasumura Toshinobu.

(This site was designated as one of the 2006 Priority Projects of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture through a subsidy from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.)

Examining artists  2018/11/14
Gioachino Rossini
Illustration: Sora Toyoshima
EVENT REPORT  2018/09/26
“Mystery Rally to Solve Seven Riddles”:
Tour of Seven Museums
Artists’ Survival Methods  2018/09/12
A Place to Study Design as You Work
MeMe Design School
Kojin Nishido’s Tokyo Theater Navigation  2018/09/12
Das letzte Feuer (The Final Fire)”
Next Tokyo Discovery Squad!  2018/08/08
Buddhist and Shinto Festival Kohgen 2018 (Meguro)
A Dialogue Between Artists in the Different Fields  2018/04/11
Yuya Ishii, Film Director
Shinsaku Nagata, Picture Book Illustrator
memories_of_tokyo  2017/06/30
Kudanshita age 13-18
Field Trips with Hiroyuki Matsukage  2017/03/24
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
TOP Collection: Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO Contemporary Japanese Photography, vol.13
Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Ghosts in the Darkness
Guest: Keiko Nomura / Photographer
Tokyo Culture Walk  2016/04/14
The Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum
Illustration, Text / Itaru Mizoguchi
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