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No.048 TWS accepts a variety of exhibition plans and supports their realization
Kayoko Iemura, Director of Art Program and Residency Division

The 5th Emerging Artist Support Program 2010 is currently underway at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo. This program realizes the exhibitions of three groups of artists selected from a public call for exhibition proposals. For this installment of Vision we sat down with Program Judge Kayoko Iemura to talk about the objectives of this project.

What is the Emerging Artist Support Program?

The Emerging Artist Support Program is currently in its 5th year. More than just calling for curators, it looks for people proposing the creation of new exhibitions. We judges view each submitted proposal and select the best, and then support the applicants for the realizing of their exhibitions.

The difference in overseas and Japanese art education that can be seen from the content of submitted proposals.

Up until last year, the difference in the proposals of those who received their education overseas and those who did not was enormous. Overseas, the history of the art world as well as the nature of the art business is thoroughly taught to art students, so people with an overseas education tend to submit plans which clearly distinguish their position in the history of art. Created from such a perspective, such proposals tend to create exhibitions with significant meaning. In Japan on the other hand, not many art students receive this kind of education, so the content of these artists' plans tends to be weaker. In order to alleviate this difference, before starting the public call for this program, TWS invites curators from overseas to open seminars and workshops on curation.

TWS is a place where artists encourage and inspire each other

Last year until just before the opening of the exhibition we tried something entirely unexpected with the layout of the show. Along with the changing times, in the field of art as well, we are seeing fewer exhibitions in which each piece of art is simply placed next to each other. I want TWS to be a venue that can listen to the wishes of organizers who want to try something new and make these wishes a reality.

Future plans

TWS works to foster emerging artists. There are not many places in Japan that will show an artist whose value is not yet clearly understood, and so I hope to cherish this aspect of TWS.

The groups selected for the 5th Emerging Artist Support Program 2010


Kayoko Iemura
Kayoko Iemura

TWS Program Director. Has been organizing and running programs aimed at fostering and supporting emerging artists at TWS since 2001.

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