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Field Trips with Hiroyuki Matsukage
Tokyo Wonder Site Open Studio
Guest : Sayaka Toda / Artist
This is a series of “extracurricular lessons” by Hiroyuki Matsukage, at cultural facilities in Tokyo. The guest this time is Sayaka Toda, who is known for her world of drawing with detailed lines. They checked out the “Open Studio” event held at the residency of the Tokyo Wonder Site.
At the TWS residency Photograph by Hiroyuki Matsukage

After visiting the Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) Shibuya, Hiroyuki Matsukage and Sayaka Toda went to the TWS residency in Sumida ward. This is a facility where creators who are involved in art fields like design, music and architecture from all over the world can stay and work on their production or research. Minori Kuroda, manager at the TWS gives a tour of the facility.

The entrance of the TWS on the first floor
The entrance of the TWS on the first floor

Kuroda: At the TWS residency, there are 12 rooms where you can stay, a large and a small studio, and a library. This is a room for two.

Toda: Wow, it’s spacious and clean.

Kuroda: It just opened in the fall of 2014.

Matsukage: Residential facilities tend to be renovated old buildings such as abandoned schools, but this one looks just like an apartment building.

Kuroda: Actually, this is a regular apartment building part of which the TWS is renting. So there are regular people living in other rooms.

Matsukage: I see. So it doesn’t suit artists whose work produces large sounds, like building 3D structures.

Toda: But it’s good for artists who deal with 2D stuff and visual things.

Matsukage: You’re right. Those who require a quiet environment would love this place.

On the day of their visit (November 14, 2-15), “Open Studio 2015-2016/November” was being held, where creators residing at the TWS (artists and musicians) displayed their work.
Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, a product designer from England, presented his collaboration with Edo Cut Glass craftsmen. Lys Villalba, an architect from Spain, who had done research on buildings included in a book called Made in Tokyo, written by Atelier Bow-Wow (a Japanese architecture firm founded by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kajima), reported on how Tokyo has changed in the 15 years since the publication.

Presentation by Oliver Beer
Presentation by Oliver Beer

Displayed documents related to works by Natale Adgnot. She is pursuing metaphor between crystallization and personality development. Photograph by Hiroyuki Matsukage
Displayed documents related to works by Natale Adgnot. She is pursuing metaphor between crystallization and personality development.
Photograph by Hiroyuki Matsukage

Matsukage: I got to hear interesting stories. I was especially interested in Oliver Beer from England.

Toda: He is the one who does sculpture and image.

Matsukage: Yes. Everything he does is unique. The one where he took off the floor of an old woman’s house is wild.

Toda: I agree. I only saw pictures, but I was struck by it.

Works by Aleix Plademunt
Works by Aleix Plademunt

Works by Raul Walch
Works by Raul Walch

Matsukage: I really want to see the real thing. By the way, are you interested in artists-in-residency?

Toda: Of course, yes. I want to go to Berlin and work there.

Matsukage: Things are less expensive there, including rent. Especially in former East Germany, you can rent an atelier with a high ceiling for just a few hundred dollars a month.

Toda: In addition to that, there are a lot of art related events in Berlin where you can see a lot of works by different artists. Artists gather from all over the world and I want to live in such an environment.

Matsukage: There are two kinds of artists. Those that change their styles when they go abroad, and those who do not get influenced. Which do you think you are?

Toda: I think I would completely change what I make.

Matsukage: Is that right? Motif and materials that you use would change too?

Toda: My works are a combination of the senses I feel in Japan and the information that I get. Therefore, if I go to a foreign place, my works will inevitably change. I will be creating completely different things.

Reporter: Where would you want to go, Mr. Matsukage?

Matsukage: Mars. I want to go beyond the earth. I’m just joking, but I really do not have any specific place I want to go. I don’t think I can create my work abroad. Especially, my political works are only possible because I’m in Japan. Now, Ms. Toda, you are really sure your works will change if you go abroad.

Toda: Absolutely sure.

Matsukage: Then, you should go.

Toda: Most definitely.

Organization: Takashi Shinkawa

TWS residency

TWS residency has a residency program where artists working in creative fields such as design, music and architecture can stay and work. It was relocated from Aoyama to Tachikawa, Sumida ward in the fall of 2014, and has twelve rooms for accommodation and a large studio and a small studio, a place for exchanging ideas and a library. There are different occasions like talks events, open studios and workshops where not only creators but also regular people come and exchange ideas. (The facility is open to the public during events)
The next Open Studio is scheduled on May 12, 2016.

Hiroyuki Matsukage

Born in Fukuoka in 1965. Matsukage graduated from Osaka University of Arts in the Photography Department. He established a contemporary art group “Complesso Plastico” with Jiro Hirano, while he was still in college. He participated in “La Biennale di VENEZIA, APERTO’90.” He has held numerous solo as well as group exhibitions since then. One of his representative exhibitions is “A Day in the Life” (Gallery Saitō Fine Arts, Kanagawa, 2014). He also serves as the head of the “Showa 40 Nenkai” (The Group 1965), an artist group.
Mizuma Art Gallery

Hiroyuki Matsukage

Sayaka Toda

Born in Saitama in 1988. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Graduate School of Art and Design. She exhibited her talent while she was still a student, being nominated for the Shell Art Award 2010, and receiving the Kazue Kobata Prize in Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2010. She has participated in many group exhibitions, including “Wonderful My Art” at Kawaguchiko Museum of Art in 2012. She has presented her works in Taipei and Venice.

Sayaka Toda